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Kane's superior detention products are a direct result of 100 years of manufacturing experience and our commitment to engineering excellence.

The Kane Detention team draws experience from hundreds of thousands of successful installations in detention facilities like jails, courthouses, prisons and other institutions that require the highest levels of security.

Kane Detention Products are the preferred choice of the United States Marshals Service for secure areas in all Federal Courthouses. In addition, we have been chosen by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to secure their commercial properties nationwide. Kane Detention is also the leading manufacturer of custom barriers for corrections. In fact, the patented Vantage-Wall system revolutionized the safeguarding of correctional staff and personnel while setting the standard for security performance.

Security Screens


Kane Detention's security screens work with existing operable windows and are available in three levels of protection: Minimum - to prevent vandalism and forced entry; medium - to deter escape; and maximum - to contain detainees within prison walls.

  • Steel Angle Frame Security Screen (LEVEL 5: MINIMUM SECURITY)
  • Steel Vanguard Security Screen (LEVEL 6: MEDIUM SECURITY)
  • Steel Defender Interview Screen (LEVEL 7: MAXIMUM SECURITY)



Barriers by Kane Detention prevent prisoners from moving between secured and unsecured areas. They also keep inmates separate from one another. Barriers are available for walkways, recreation yards, window openings, ceiling enclosures and more.

  • Vantage Partition (LEVEL 8: MEDIUM BARRIER SECURITY)
    • Fixed
    • Unequal Leg
    • Fixed
    • Operating

Detention Ceiling


  • Kane Security Plank Ceiling System (LEVEL 9: MAXIMUM BARRIER SECURITY)

The Kane Security Ceiling System is a unique and high security solution for detention ceilings for criminal justice facilities. The ceiling is a 14 gauge steel plank design with perforated holes on the face to allow for sound to filter through. The sound is then absorbed by 3lb density insulation that meets all fire safety codes. The insulation is backed up by a solid 14 gauge steel plate for additional security and sound trapping. Kane's Security Ceiling system is custom designed for each installation. These high security interlocking ceiling systems are designed for both new installations and retrofits.

Security Plank Ceiling Features

  • Minimum space requirement of only 6"
  • Custom shapes
  • Available in steel or stainless steel
  • Quick installation
  • Formed from 14 gauge steel (other gauges available)
  • Available in solid or perforated (acoustical) panels
  • Baked enamel finish in your choice of colors
  • All hardware and mounting rails included

  • Secure Metal Pan Ceiling System (LEVEL 7: MEDIUM BARRIER SECURITY)

For years, the Security Metal Pan Ceiling System has been an important product in the security metal ceiling business. It affords the end user a medium level of security, since there is no easy access into the plenum space at any point in the ceiling except via special exit panels or access doors. The panels are held in place by engaging the splayed upturned legs under the square bulb of an extra-heavy-duty suspension system.

Security Pan Ceiling Features

  • Medium level security
  • Available in steel or stainless steel perforated tiles
  • Formed from 18 gauge steel (other gauges available)
  • Painted or natural finish
  • Sound-deadening insulation
  • Prohibits easy access to plenum space
  • Features optional exit panels or access doors
  • Extra-heavy-duty suspension system
  • Min. 24" x 24" and Max. 24" x 48"



Kane Detention's furniture products are tough enough to withstand high levels of force from inmates. From tables and bunks, to stools and benches, Kane Detention offers a myriad of durable, long-lasting choices.

  • Stainless Steel Contoured Bench (LEVEL 9: MAXIMUM SECURITY)
  • Tables
  • Bunks
  • Fixed and Swing Stools
  • Interview Shelves
  • Modesty Panels

Detention Equipment


Choose from Kane Detention's wide array of detention equipment, such as modular holding cells to contain inmates, and firearm security cabinets to prevent detainees from gaining access to off-limits items.

  • Holding Cells (LEVEL 9: MAXIMUM SECURITY)
  • Pistol Lockers
  • Steel Gun Cabinets
  • Railing Infill Panels



Doors from Kane Detention serve as high-security passage control systems through secured or unsecured areas.

  • Vantage Wall Doors (LEVEL 9: MAXIMUM SECURITY)
    • Pre-hung
    • Sliding

Infills, Finish and Color Options

  • Mesh - Standard mesh options:
    • 1/4" rod with 2" opening
    • 3/8" rod with 2" opening
    • "No Climb" - 9 gauge with 3/8" opening
  • Perforated - Standard perforated options:
    • 12 Gauge Perforated Galvannealed Steel 51% Open (3/16" hole on 1/4" centers Staggered)
    • 16 Gauge Perforated Galvannealed Steel 63% Open (5/32" hole on 3/16" centers staggered)
    • 14 Gauge Perforated Galvannealed Steel 51% Open (3/16" hole on 1/4" centers Staggered)
    • 18 Gauge Perforated Type 304 Stainless Steel 63% Open (5/32" hole on 3/16" centers staggered)
  • Mesh/Perf Combo - Together, mesh and perforated offer security, contraband control, fluid and debris control. Standard mesh/perf options:
    • 12-mesh .028" diameter stainless steel wire cloth
    • 10-mesh .047" diameter stainless steel wire cloth
    • Various perforated panels
  • Steel & Galvannealed Steel - Both receive a baked polyester powder coat finish as a standard. Standard Finishing Options (PDF)
  • Hot Dip - Galvanized G-200 finish.
  • Stainless - For woven rod products, the finish is a directional belt sanded 2D finish; 1/4" rod features a mill finish; stainless steel furnishings feature #4 polished finish.
Color Options

Detention Solutions

  • Cell Fronts
  • U.S. Marshal's Secure Areas
  • Window Protection
  • FBI / GSA Commercial Properties
  • Prisoner Transport Elevator
  • Sally Ports
  • Outdoor Recreation Yards
  • Stairwells & Corridors
  • Portable Holding Cells
  • Prisoner Processing
  • Ceiling and Skylight Protection
  • Access Doors
  • Complete Outdoor Enclosures

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