Railing Applications

Sterling Dula railings can be fabricated from a wide variety of materials and are available in a number of different styles. Learn more about Sterling Dula's picket, glass, wire mesh, pipe railing or custom models by visiting Railing Styles. Or, browse aluminum railing systems, glass railing systems, perforated metal railing systems and stainless steel railing systems by clicking Railing Materials.


Balcony Railings

The sky is the limit when it comes to infill options for Sterling Dula's balcony railings. From picket, glass and wire mesh, to perforated panel and custom styles, specifiers are guaranteed to discover an attractive Sterling Dula railing solution for their multi-level structure. What's more, balcony railings from Sterling are designed to meet loading requirements and local building codes, as with all Sterling Dula railing products. Whether new design or retrofit, the type of architectural balcony railings used on a project will have a profound impact on its final look. Balcony railings can be mounted to wood, steel, aluminum or concrete, using surface mount hardware, an embedding technique or side mount for a secure, uniform finish.



Stair Railings

Sterling Dula's stair railings are a great example of how a robust guardrail can also be aesthetically pleasing. Suited for indoor or outdoor applications, stair railings by Sterling Dula are designed to fit your jobsite-specific requirements while meeting local building codes. Each Sterling Dula stair railing is built to fit the angle of the stair for a customized, flawless appearance. Hand rails are also designed for the wall adjacent to the guardrail to provide added support for staircase traffic.



Patio Railings

Decorative and functional, patio railings from Sterling Dula are best suited for inner courtyards, outdoor dining areas or recreation areas. From hotels and condominiums to universities and more, Sterling Dula offers a wide range of options to choose from for patios or other protected outdoor areas.



Commercial Building Railings

The majority of Sterling Dula's railings are found on commercial building applications. Railings for such projects include everything from balcony railings for high rise hotels and condominiums, to staircase railings in educational facilities, pipe railings around wastewater treatment facilities and so much more. As with all Sterling Dula railings, commercial building railings are designed to meet all local building codes and loading requirements.



Industrial Railings

Industrial railings by Sterling Dula are engineered to withstand wear and tear in manufacturing environments. Whether the building is an assembly plant or wastewater treatment facility, industrial railings by Sterling Dula provide a secure guardrail that meets OSHA guidelines. Although pipe rail is the preferred type of architectural railing for industrial applications, virtually any Sterling Dula railing system will meet the needs of the job, whether connections are mechanically fastened or welded.



Shopping Mall Railings

When it comes to choosing railing for your multi-story shopping mall project, Sterling Dula will offer an attractive, safe solution. A popular choice is either glass railing or decorative waterjet infill panel. These types of railings provide the peace of mind of a sturdy, functional guardrail while adding beauty and style to the existing design.



Pool Railings

For those in search of a quality railing for a pool or protected area, look no further. Pool railing from Sterling Dula Architectural Railings are pool code compliant and offer an attractive, streamlined finish to complement any outdoor oasis.



Entrance Railings

Entrance railings make a strong first impression, as they're one of the first aspects of a building visitors see when approaching. Sterling Dula's entrance railings and/or handrails blend seamlessly with any architectural design and can be custom made to meet project specifications.




Fall protection railings, also known as guardrails, offer safety and security on multi-level structures without compromising the building aesthetic. Whether you're in need of balcony or guardrail for a newly designed building, or a balcony or guardrail for a retrofit project, Sterling Dula can help.




Handrail is typically one-line pipe rail down a ramp or center of a stairwell. Wall rails, a type of handrail, are installed on the opposite side of the staircase when neccessary to provide a safe walk way for individuals climbing or descending the stairs.



Deck Railings

Deck railing offers fall protection around patios and other open, elevated areas. Deck railing can also serve as a divider to section off various areas of a courtyard or square.



Architectural Railing

Architectural railings are the foundation of the Sterling Dula brand. We have the ability to fabricate and design any code-compliant rail that the architect specifies. With our state of the art manufacturing facilities and high-tech waterjet cutting machine, our capabilities are virtually endless. From shopping malls, high rise hotels and luxury casinos, to low rise garden apartments, transit stations and pedestrian bridges, Sterling Dula can achieve just about any architectural concept imaginable.


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